Q: When will my Custom Fan Box ship?

A: Boxes are shipped once a month by the end of the month.


Q: Can you give me more details about the survey?

A: The survey is provided so you can select the themes to customize your box. We recommend selecting at least 5 themes- the more the better! If you select fewer than that, we may not be able to complete your box. At this point we will have to send an email asking you to select more themes. This can delay the shipment of your box. If you do not select anything, your order may be cancelled or delayed and may not ship until after the shipping cut off date. We have had some issues with the survey not appearing when the order is placed on a smartphone. Please make sure that your phone is set up to accept cookies. If you still cannot see the survey, and if you are able to, we recommend placing the order from a computer. 


Q: I ordered just a t-shirt. When will my t-shirt ship?

A: Orders with just t-shirts will ship 7-12 business days after the sale for that set of designs has ended. 


Q: What are your shirts made of?

A: We print on 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirts. Heather grey shirts may be a cotton/polyester blend.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We currently do not offer internationally shipping, but we may add it in the future.


Q: How often do you change the designs?

A: We usually change the designs every one to two weeks, generally on Mondays.


Q: Can I change my t-shirt size / t-shirt design / survey selections?

A: Our system does not allow us to update any of this information. If the sale for the design you purchased is still up, we can cancel your order and you can place a new order for the correct item or with the correct survey information. If the designs have already been removed, we can still cancel your order but you will not be able to place a new order for that design. Please review your order confirmation email as soon as possible after you place your order so we can fix any issues before it is too late.


Q: What is your return/exchange policy?

A: We only print the exact number of shirts sold for each design so we do not have any extras for exchanges. We will only accept returns for t-shirts in new, unwashed condition and within 30 days of receiving the shirt. We will issue a store credit for returned t-shirts. Please contact us either through our contact form or at hello@CustomFanBox.com if you need to return your t-shirt. We do not pay return shipping on returned shirts. We do not offer returns or exchanges for any of the other items that come in your Custom Fan Box. 


Q: How do you handle damaged items?

A: If one of your items (including t-shirts) is damaged upon receipt, please send us an email at hello@CustomFanBox.com. Please include photos of the damaged item and an explanation of the damage. We are not responsible for damage incurred after receipt. 


Q: My shipping address is wrong. What do I do?

A: We ship to the address that you provide for the order. If you see that your shipping address is incorrect, please contact us immediately through our contact form or at hello@CustomFanBox.com. Once your order has shipped we can no longer change the address. If your order happens to be returned to us because the shipping information was either incomplete or incorrect in some way we can arrange to reship it, however you will need to pay the new shipping cost. We do not send out notifications for returned packages, it is the customer's responsibility to notify us if the package was returned to us. If you choose not to have your package reshipped we will issue a refund minus our original shipping cost. Please review your order confirmation email as soon as possible after you place your order so we can fix any address issues before it is too late.


Q: Will I continue to be charged each month?

A: For now we are only allowing the purchase of one month, so you will not be charged again. In the future we will be adding an optional recharge subscription option.


Q: What items will I receive?

A: You will receive a mix of items based on the themes you selected. Items will include t-shirts, collectibles, toys, etc - handmade and branded.


Q: I have a customer service issue and I messaged you through social media. Why are you ignoring me?

A: We handle all customer service issues through email only. We do not respond to customer service issues through Facebook, Twitter, etc. We are not trying to ignore you, and we want to help. If you have a customer service issue please contact us using our contact form or by sending an email to hello@CustomFanBox.com so that we can assist you.


Q: Can I see a t-shirt size chart?

A: Yes, you can view the size chart from Pop Up Tee Here